03.12.2008 — ICANN Visited the Historic Building of Central Bank


In November ICANN members had a chance to discover one of the most beautiful and well-known buildings of Nizhny Novgorod – the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. It is a picturesque palace erected in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov tsar family in the early 20th century. The palace architecture is absolutely original — its towers bear a resemblance to a fortress, whereas the main part of the building looks more like boyars’ chambers. The Bank is also known for its famous frescos which decorate the interior; however the place is not open to the general public and admittance is by special request only.

At the guided tour the ICANN members learned interesting facts about the city’s history, visited the conference hall, and looked in the Bank’s famous mirror. The legend says, if you make a wish looking in the mirror, your wish will come true. We wish all of the ICANN members fulfillment of their dreams and hope that we will have a chance to visit the magnificent palace again.