15.12.2009 — Governor Shantsev Discusses Regional Development during Recession with ICANN Members


On December 9 ICANN members met with Nizhny Novgorod’s Regional Governor Valery Shantsev in the Japan Center. Governor Shantsev reported more than 50 representatives of international companies on the development of the region during the world’s economic crisis.

According to the Governor, the regional industrial production index in the first ten months of 2009 reached 72% to the corresponding period of 2008. “It’s important to stress that we have been able to keep the economic potential of the region,” Valery Shantsev said. “The volume of shipments of all processing enterprises has brought the region to the fifth place, instead of the sixth place as of the previous year. This is the leading position in the Volga Federal District.” Despite the recession, agriculture and metallurgy seem to be developing the best, said the Governor. He assured that all strategic goals for the regional development until 2020 would be achieved.

ICANN member companies also had feedback to share. Vladimir Bogdanov, Intel Site Operations Manager in Nizhny Novgorod, talked about the problems in the IT branch, while Stacie Schrader, Chairman of the Board of Directors, FORUS Bank, reported on the changes that occurred in the region’s banking. Roeland Van Gestel as the General Director of the Lear plant, shared his impressions of his long-term work in the automotive sector in Nizhny Novgorod.

Nikolay Sataev, Minister of Industry and Innovations, Dmitry Svatkovsky, Minister of Investment Politics, and Gennady Balandin, Minister of Economics, also participated in the discussion. Beside them, some questions were addressed to Vadim Ivanov, Director of the Department for International, Foreign Economic and Interregional Relations, and Sergey Malov, Representative of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nizhny Novgorod.

Governor Valery Shantsev and ICANN members also discussed issues regarding the process of obtaining invitations for foreign specialists, taxation, credit activities as well as public private partnership.

Valery Shantsev said that the activities and plans of the business community will have a strong impact on the regional development. “We understand the importance of our cooperation with international businesses,” he said. In conclusion Shantsev assured the participants that the local government is highly interested in promoting cooperation to better the investment climate in the region.

ICANN thanks the Nizhny Novgorod Department for International, Foreign Economic and Interregional Relations as well as the Japan Center in Nizhny Novgorod for their superior efforts in organizing the meeting.