20.12.2009 — Job Market from Ancor’s Perspective: Salaries Frozen, Progress Forecasted


On December 17, ICANN members found answers to two relevant questions for businesses: How did the recession year change salaries and wages in the Nizhny Novgorod region? What characteristics must a Dream Employer have? Recruitment Holding Ancor presented the results of its recent surveys to CEOs and HR specialists of ICANN’s member companies at the restaurant IL Porto.

More than 50 Russian and international companies took part in the survey, among them are Rehau, Onduline, Freudenberg Politex, Nizhfarm, LUKOIL-Inter-Card and many others.

According to Ancor’s expert Olga Shalaeva, the job market has significantly stabilized in the second half of 2009 as opposed to the first six months of the same year. The companies are planning to hire instead of fire people in the next couple of years. However, there is no increase in salaries planned. The current salary rates are frozen or decreasing. “We can predict that the average growth of salaries will remain compatible to or lie just below the inflation rates,” Olga Shalaeva stated. “We think salaries will grow at the rate of 3 to 5 percent.” As for bonuses and compensation for employees, most companies changed their policies to be more reasonable and economical. Covering mobile expenses remains the most popular type of compensation for employees. Ninety-four percent of companies take advantage of this option and it usually doesn’t exceed 1,500 rubles per month (US $50).

Ancor’s Director in Nizhny Novgorod, Marina Artemjeva, presented the new Dream Employer Survey to ICANN members. Over 1,800 specialists from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev were polled on how the recession modified their expectations of a perfect employer. As it turns out, the key criteria for the decision making process is now the stability of a company, along with opportunities for personal and professional development. It is hardly surprising in terms of the recession that tasks and functions are not top priority for job seekers anymore. Artemjeva accentuated the necessity for companies to support their outstanding employees and bring up their own stars.

After the presentation ICANN members enjoyed Italian cuisine and celebrated Christmas and New Year in a charming atmosphere of Trattoria IL Porto.