29.11.2007 — Annual General Assembly


On November 26, 2007 ICANN gathered its members for the Annual General Assembly in the conference room of FORUS Bank. ICANN team reported on the events and activities held in 2007 including informal meetings, business-breakfast with Minister for Investment Politics Dmitry Svatkovky and meeting with regional Governor Valery Shantsev.

“In 2007 ICANN celebrates its 10th anniversary and it’s still the only international business community in Nizhny Novgorod uniting 22 member companies,” ICANN President Reinhold von Ungern-Sternberg reported. “This year five large international companies such as IKEA, Solvay SA, Microsoft RUS, Vik-Sandvik RUS and MAGNA-GAZ have joined ICANN.”

Among other ICANN activities in 2007 are establishment of ICANN’s new website, newsletters for members and development of various ideas, Mr. von Ungern-Sternberg announced. Afterwards members gave their feedback, shared their suggestions and ideas with the ICANN team and made plans for 2008.


ICANN expresses its gratitude to FORUS Bank for assistance in preparation of the Annual General Assembly.


Agenda of the Annual General Assembly

I. Update for ICANN members

1. ICANN activities evaluation in 2007
2. Member companies 2007
3. ICANN finances

Reinhold von Ungern-Sternberg, ICANN President

II. Presentation of ICANN Website project

Tatiana Bezborodova, ICANN Internet project manager

III. Discussion of ICANN program 2008

Larissa Levanova, ICANN Coordinator

Moderation: Reinhold von Ungern-Sternberg, ICANN President