Christmas Ball and the 15th anniversary of ICANN. Results


Dear ICANN members,

Thank you for sharing with us this important day of our holiday — the 15th anniversary of ICANN!
Many thanks to Nizhny Novgorod State Museum Rukavishnikov Estate for the warm welcome!

Photos of the event, prepared by Yulia Kislova, are here: -contact us for the full version: because of the complicated procedure of approval we decided to put the minimum number of photoson publicly accessible websites. If you would like to use our photos, please, sign them “© ICANN”.

Video, prepared by Russia Nizhny Novgorod Television and Radio, is here:

Best regards,

Roeland Van Gestel

ICANN President

Alexandra Kuznetsova

ICANN Executive Liaison Officer

Yulia Kislova

Event Manager