ICANN Annual General Meeting December 1, Kulibin Parhotel & Suites


Dear ICANN members,

We would like to thank you for being active in ICANN life in 2016, in particular in our Annual General Meeting on 1 December at Kulibin Parhotel & Suites.

Please read media report on Annual General meeting in Nizhegorodskaya Pravda and Vremya N.


Results of the meeting:

  1)   Mr. Yngvar Bratsberg (General Director, Hexagon Composites Rus) was elected for the post of ICANN Vice-President for 3 years.

   2)  Mr. Pavel Zatravkin (Vice-president Danieli Service for CIS, General Manager of Danieli Volga was elected for the post of the Chairman of the Industrial Committee for 3 years.

   3) In 2016 ICANN team organized about 70 different events (official events, semi-formal events, special projects, informal events)

   4)  43 corporate members and 4 individual members are part of ICANN in 2016.

       5 new corporate members joined ICANN in 2016 (Sotex, Boryszew Plastik Rus, Courtyard Marriott Nizhny Novgorod City Center, P’tit CREF (Trilingual early education center), CREF (Russian language school).

    5) ICANN is going to create a special ICANN Soccer League with the following concept:

  • a football team from a company
  • a special ICANN team for individual players
  • games indoors and outdoors in 2017

We welcome your proposals and ideas on creating Soccer League!

     6) Magazine NN Sobaka Ru as a media partner.

  • Platform for promotion and advertising
  • Events, organized by magazine

Photos by ICANN.