ICANN Christmas Day on December 12


Traditional Russian Merchant Country


Dear ICANN members,

Would you like to return to two centuries back and to visit the merchant Christmas feast of the 18th century, to feel its scale and ingeniousness?
With great pleasure we invite you to spend eventful Christmas Day outdoors at large of the Oka river and to share with us Christmas festive dinner under the arches of the palace of an ancient Russian merchant manor. This day will be held in the best traditions of manor Christmas of merchants Priklonskie-Rukavishnikovy: a walk in the valenki, sledging, hearty traditional dinner, Christmas tree decorating, Christmas manor ceremony and much, much more… Detailed information about the place, cuisine and the program can be provided by our event manager Yulia Kislova!


Date: Saturday, December 12
Time on site: 2.00pm — 7.00pm
Location: Estate of Priklonskie-Rukavishnikovy (s.Podvyaze, Bogorodsky District)
Transportation: specially prepared bus from Nizhny Novgorod; Distance — 55 km
Time of the event: 1.00pm — 8.00pm

Number of seats is limited.
See you at the manor Christmas celebration on December 12th!

Best Regards,