ICANN Corporate visit to RusVinyl


There will be a special corporate visit of ICANN members to «RusVinyl» LLC on October 2nd (http://www.rusvinyl.ru/en).


11.00am — 11.30am — Tour of the venture
11.30am — 12.00 — Buffet, informal talks

The founders of the joint venture company are «SIBUR», a first-rate petrochemical holding company in Russia, and the Belgian company «SolVin», a leading PVC manufacturer in Europe. «SolVin» is a joint affiliated company of Solvay, an international group of chemical companies, and the German concern BASF.

PVC plant will use the cutting-edge European technologies (BAT – Best Available Techniques) that assure the necessary range of PVC with low process costs, and will comply with the most rigorous environmental requirements of the Russian Federation. The plant will produce 300 kilotons of PVC- suspension, 30 kilotons of PVC- emulsion and 225 kilotons of caustic soda. If the current growth rates of PVC consumption across the CIS territory persist, the project’s working capacity is supposed to be extended on the basis of «RusVinyl» LLC.

Best regards,

Yulia Kislova
Event Manager