ICANN Newsletter: November-December


Dear ICANN members, partners & friends,

This newsletter contains information on the 3 main ICANN topics of the end of 2014:

  1. ICANN Meeting with the Governor (postponement).
  2. AGM – Elections of New Industrial Committee Chairman.
  3. Membership in ICANN 2015.
  1. The meeting with the Governor is postponed till 4 December (Thursday, 49th week: at 10am at the 1st building of the Kremlin). You can (re)register now sending notification to alexandra.kuznetsova@icann-nn.ru (full name & job positions of participants).

MIND that we will receive OFFICIAL confirmation from the Governor’s office only on 28 November (Friday, 48th week) – on that day you will receive reminder & detailed information about the meeting.

  1. We would like to congratulate Steven Gautier on the successful elections. Now Steven is officially the Industrial Committee Chairman & a member of ICANN Board.


We would like to thank Intel for hosting us yesterday & Roeland Van Gestel for guiding the meeting and for making interesting presentations.

The photos of the meeting will be available later in our group on Facebook or personally.

  1. ICANN budget was presented yesterday on the meeting. On a decision of ICANN Board from 18 November corporate membership in 2015 will be 35 000 RUR for any international company in the region and individual membership will be 8 000 RUR for foreigners who are working in Russian companies in the region or have international businesses in other regions, but often visit Nizhny Novgorod on business purposes.

If you plan to stay in the Organization in 2015, please let us know. We offer to sign a new agreement (or an additional agreement to your old one) at the end of this year (in November – December 2014). Please contact Alexandra Kuznetsova (Executive Liaison Office ICANN) via email alexandra.kuznetsova@icann-nn.ru or cell +7 987 548 13 07 to learn more details.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

Alexandra Kuznetsova