ICANN Statistics & Calendar


Dear ICANN members,

Here you can find some comparative statistics, results of ICANN activities in 2014 and attached calendar for January 2015.

1. Events:

  • In 2012 56 ICANN events were held.
  • In 2013 70 ICANN events were held.
  • In 2014 82 ICANN events were held, including Job Fair, MOST meetings, business seminars on current topics, tours and excursions, meetings with representatives of local authorities, meetings of  ICANN Board and Committee members, goulash-party, “Thursdays with Walter”, Christmas evening as a social event, etc. This year was the most experimental in format and content of informal activities, Job Fair and in making new projects: International Education of Students (MOST) and Social project with Vladimir Spivakov Foundation. If you would like to offer your event or to make an offer on format, please contact us at events@icann-nn.ru (Yulia Kislova, ICANN Event Manager). New experience helps us to grow.

2. Membership: In 2012 ICANN included 46 members, in 2013 — 51 members and in 2014 — 53 members (http://icann-nn.ru/chleny-icann.html).

If you have not yet verified your company’s membership for 2015, please contact Alexandra Kuznetsova (Executive Liaison Officer) e-mail — alexandra.kuznetsova@icann-nn.ru — or cell – +7 987 548 13 07.

Happy holidays! We wish you all the best for new year!

Click here for the calendar (January 2015)

Best Regards,