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Allianz ROSNO – one of the largest financial and insurance companies which have been providing reliable insurance protection to more than 76 million clients worldwide for more than 120 years. In keeping with its "Think globally, act locally" principle Allianz develops its value propositions and specific products and services with a glance to local specifics of each region. The best achievements and best practices of the group are available to you in Russia while the international quality standards of Allianz ensure high quality of services for all our clients and partners. In 2011 it was decided to integrate three companies of Allianz in Russia. Starting from April 2012 ROSNO, Progress Garant and Allianz Russia merge into one insurance company under the common brand OJSC IC Allianz.

Being an expert in risk management the company does everything possible to prevent emergency situations in its clients' lives and to ensure safe living on the earth.

• € 1,3 Bn. was invested in renewable energy projects
• Forests protection projects. For example, financing of the WWF project of protection of 208 000 ha of rain forests in Kenya
• Energy saving promotion projects. For example, purchasing of 8.5 Mio energy-saving lamps for people in India
• Cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in different projects. For example, analysis of effects of climate changes on catastrophes, preservation of threatened and endangered species
• Additional support for customers affected by natural disasters beyond insurance coverage. For example, Allianz and its employees donated € 860,000 to help the victims of tsunami and earthquake in Japan in 2011
• Projects and products designed for life saving. For example, telematic devices automatically calling ambulance to the site of a serious car accident by transmitting GPS data.