Danieli Volga
ICANN member since 2014
In 2011 Danieli Group made the strategic decision to build in Russia a new Workshop able to manufacture and recondition the full range of equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

The final location for the Plant had been chosen in the industrial area of Dzerzhinsk, considering the possibility to fully utilize the high manufacturing potential of the Nizhny Novgorod Region and create an highly-technological production unit, based on prospective and innovative developments.

On this basis Danieli Volga was established in 2012 and since then our mission has been to serve CIS customers with equipment manufacturing, innovative services, technologies, and automation systems, to produce quality at the lowest depreciation and production costs while offering friendly after-sales support with specialized engineers and experienced team.

The technological spectrum and the process knowledge provided by our Product Lines, plus the well-known expertise in innovation and high reliability assured by the Danieli Group are the best guarantees to reach these targets.

Today Danieli Volga provides the customers with a wide range of services:

> Sales;
> Engineering;
> Purchasing;
> Quality and expediting;
> Manufacturing and reconditioning;
> Equipment assembly;
> Shipping;
> Project management
> On-site technical assistance;
> Training and consultancies
> After-sales service.

180 employees: engineers, project managers, fitters, welders and machine tool operators.

800 sqm of technical-administrative offices.

10,000 sqm of manufacturing and assembly area.

250,000 sqm of total surface.