Magna Automotive Rus
ICANN member since 2013
MAGNA is one of the leading automotive suppliers in the world.

MAGNA designs and produces systems, subassemblies, modules and structural parts. The company is engaged in engineering and major assembling of cars that are designed for sale producers of passenger cars and lorries in three geographic segments: North America, Europe and other countries (primarily Asia, South America and Africa).

MAGNA is engaged in designing, engineering, testing and manufacturing of interior trim, seats, lockages, metal-can encapsulations, chassis, mirrors, exterior trim, roof systems, electronics and transmissions, as well as engineering and assembling of cars. The company manages 312 manufacturing facilities, 87 engineering and R&D centers in 29 countries on 5 contnents. The company's staff is about 125 000 people.

Magna Automotive RUS is represented by three plants in Nizhny Novgorod, in St. Petersburg and in Kaluga.

Marina Polozova
Executive Liaison Officer