Open Cascade
(part of Capgemini)
ICANN member since 2019
Open Cascade is an international IT company specializing in 3D modeling and data processing software development. The company's offices are located in the cities of Lyon, Guyancourt (both in France) and Nizhny Novgorod (Russia).

Open Cascade is part of the Capgemini group of companies and is part of the group's global business line - Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services. The business line brings together over 10,000 professionals in Europe, North America and Asia, which using their unique niche expertise and digital technologies, help international companies unlock the true potential of their products and improve production efficiency.

Along with the provision of custom software development services, Open Cascade is a supplier of specialized software products for various industries: automotive, aviation and space industries, shipbuilding and marine engineering, machine tools and heavy engineering, energy, etc.