International ICANN Soccer League


International ICANN Soccer League

On April 29 Soccer League tournament among ICANN member companies finished at stadium Severniy.

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8 teams, represented by the largest international companies in Nizhny Novgorod region, competed for winning places at play-off matches.

Teams of Magna Automotive Rus (Magna NN) and Japan Center, RusVinyl and Boryszew Plastic Rus, Volkswagen Group Rus (Volkswagen Group Rus NiNo) and Liebherr-Nizhny Novgorod, Intercomp and Investors played at quarterfinals according to “bracket” system.

The football battle among teams to reach semi-finals became more and more exciting. So four teams pulled out a win, namely Magna NN, RusVinyl, Volkswagen Group Rus NiNo, Investors.


After the semi-final game against Magna NN, which resulted in goalless draw and a series of penalties, RusVinyl team got a chance to play against Volkswagen Group Rus NiNo at finals. Volkswagen Group Rus NiNo won Investors with the score 2:1 in regular time.


In match for the third place Investors and Magna NN demonstrated perfect teamwork and winning spirit. With a final siren the account of the match stopped on a mark 1:0 in favor of Magna NN team.


Football fans were attentively watching the final between Volkswagen Group NiNo and RusVinl. It was not so easy to predict the result of the match. In the end Volkswagen Group Rus NiNo won with the score 3:2. RusVinyl team did the best to become winners till the final second of the match. RusVinyl kicked the second goal at the last minute.


We congratulate Volkswagen Group Rus NiNo on the 1st place at ICANN Soccer League, RusVinyl – on the 2nd place, Magna NN- on the 3d place.


ICANN Vice-president Yngvar Bratsberg rewarded finalists with cups, medals and honorary certificates.


A special prize “For Striving to Achieve Better Results and Perfect Teamwork” from Magna Automotive Rus went to Investors team.


Pavel Zatravkin, forward of Investors team, became “Fair Player”; he treated Intercomp team with respect and fairness at quarterfinals. The prize was established by Hexagon Composites Rus.




We sincerely thank all teams, participated at ICANN tournament. We express respect new teams, built for ICANN League, namely Raiffeisenbank, Boryszew Plastic Rus, Intercomp, Japan Center in Nizhny Novgorod, Liebherr – Nizhny Novgorod.


We also thank footballs teams for exciting games and positive emotions, fans – for support, representatives of ICANN member companies – for help in planning of tournament, management of stadium Severniy, Football Federation of Nizhny Novgorod region – for fair refereeing.


We are looking forward to meeting you at the following football season!