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International Clinical Hospital. BI Filonenko (LLC "Vizus-1″) has been working for 14 years in ophthalmology. The clinic prides itself on its medical staff, which meets the most demanding patients. "Vizus-1″ has a team of skilled physicians, diagnostic and laboratory facilities. All this ensures good health, as well as psychological comfort level. Its specialists regularly monitor all innovations in ophthalmology, otolaryngology, obstetrics and gynecology, and allergy-immunology, and in other important professions.

Visus-1 offers:

  • Wards with one or two beds, with bathroom unit, shower cubicle, TV set, high-speed internet, the opportunity to use Skype, call button for nurce;
  • Multifunctional beds Merivaara;
  • Own kitchen which offer the big choice of European, Russian and dietary menu;
  • Own boiler house, which provides twenty-four hours supply of the hot water, heating in all seasons;
  • Own laboratory, which allows to perform all analyses in a one day;
  • The treatment covered by the foreign insurance policy;
  • The usage of the conference hall (80 people);
  • Four operating units, including refractive, the equipment of which corresponds to the Russian and European standards.
  • Uninterrupted power supply of the operating units;
  • 2 gas generators (power 197 kw), 2 diesel generators (power 40 and 80 kw);
  • Fresh-air ventilating system with the humidifier of the air manufactured by the leading foreign companies;
  • The system of chiller for the conditioning of the clinic;
  • The most up-to-date resuscitation room (2 beds);
  • Protected parking lot for 50 cars
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Marina Polozova
Executive Liaison Officer