An informal meeting of ICANN friends

On June 23, an informal meeting of ICANN friends was held at the Fregat Yacht Club!

Which is one of the events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the international community.

Elena Dovgal, President of the ICANN community, noted: "It's great that we have the opportunity not only to solve complex business problems, but also to meet on a warm June evening with a glass of sparkling wine in a circle of partners and friends! I wish you all great success and a wonderful summer!".

On the banks of the Volga, 9 teams - representatives of OpenCascade, Hexagon Composites Rus, ARaymond Rus, Magna Seating, Magna Automotive Rus, Volkswagen Group Rus, SberSolutions, Kovofinish, Coleman Services, Collini, Ushin, SWTec, Bios-Akva took on the role of real detectives and played the detective game "On Fire" from @detectit_nn, where the winning teams were:

1st place – the team "At the helm" (Volkswagen company);
2nd place – MAGNA team (Magna Automotive Rus company);
3rd place – the "ICANN" team.

Then there was an incendiary DJ set and a surprise from ICANN: a fire show.

All the guests of the event were pleasantly impressed and enjoyed the cozy and friendly atmosphere!