The 9th charity mini-football tournament

The 9th charity mini-football tournament among ICANN members was held on Saturday.
Five corporate teams took part in the competition: Magna Automotive Rus, AGC, Boryshev Plastic Rus, Volga, Liebherr.

Traditionally, the event was held in support of the public organization "Veras", which unites families raising children and young people with developmental disabilities.

This year, 2 ICANN cups were played:
The Liebherr team won the main Cup!
Second place – AGC
Third place – Boryshev Plastic Rus
The Boryshev Plastic Rus team also became the owners of the small cup!

Congratulations to the winners of the tournament!

We would like to thank AGC fans separately!

We thank the following companies for the gifts provided: Volga, Hexagon Composites Rus, AGC, Boryshev Plastic Rus.